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Nas Gas “National Aviation Services Pvt. Limited” established in 1952. For the last 6 decades , Nas Gas only in Pakistan is focusing on easy reach and production of reliable, safe and thermally efficient Home Appliances on friendly budget , Nas Gas also dedicated to provide latest innovations, humanized home appliances techonology to those who pursue a standard living style. Nas Gas is playing this role exclusively in Pakistan with the support of its own heavy mechianical and R&D setup

Nas Gas has always been at the forefront of new developments in the field of Gas Appliances like Gas Water Heater (Geyser), Instant Gas Water Heater, Gas Room Heater, Gas Stoves / Hobs, Built-in-Oven,Gas Cooking Range, Electric Water Cooler and Dispensers, as well as focused on energy conservation by considering the valuable reserves of natural resources (Natural Gas)..

Our Products

Water Coolers

NasGas Electric Water Cooler gain an identical market share based an unique quality and prominent features. This product is designed purely for public place and environment.

Water Dispensers

NasGas Water Dispenser provide chilled & hot water instantly with simple touch & push option. NasGas has its own research & development to fix new market standards and fulfilling customer demands

Gas Stoves

NasGas is pioneer to introduce Gas Stoves in Pakistan. It is proven and established reality that no one is offering such a large range with our latest required luxuries in field of appliances.

Cooking Ranges

NasGas Cooking Range quality & variety is a proven fact and reality in our green homeland. All models are fully thermal efficient and energy saver. The major component of cooking is its functional oven compartment.

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